The Scoop on Protein Powder!

It seems everyone is using protein powder these days however, there are some important things to keep in mind when choosing a protein powder.  Some people just pick up any old protein powder thinking it’s all the same.  This is so far from the truth.  Others do read the label, but they don’t really know what they are looking for or what to look for in a protein powder.   As a certified health coach, let me tell you the important things to look for when deciding on a protein powder.

First and foremost, are the ingredients organic.  When choosing a quality protein you really want to make sure the ingredients are organic.  You want a nice clean protein with no fillers.  The whole point of protein is to help with recovery and help reduce inflammation.

Second,  you want a plant based protein.  Plants are filled with phytonutrients which help prevent disease and also help combat inflammation.  Whey proteins contain animal byproducts.  In fact, whey protein is made from the excess liquid portion of the milk left over from the cheesemaking process.   Dairy causes inflammation so you want to avoid proteins that contain dairy and whey.

Thirdly, are there warning labels on the protein.  Why use a product that has warning labels saying it’s unsafe for certain populations of people  That’s a red flag for me and I say avoid these products.  I don’t want to use a product with warning labels and you shouldn’t use it either.

Last but not least, how long is the list of ingredients?  Less is better.  If the ingredient list is long and full of things  you cannot pronounce, or you need a Ph.D to figure out what’s in it or just to read the label, you are better off leaving it on the shelf.

Further, a lot of people think that more protein is better or you need animal protein to build muscle.  This is  false information.  As a matter of fact, our bodies can only absorb so much protein and the rest is filtered out as waste causing our kidneys to do more work.  A lot of athletes, professional and non professional are consuming way too much protein which can cause some serious health issues with long term use.  Dr. Thomas Campbell, (The China Study) states that when whey casein is consumed in large quantities cancer cells increase.  Elevated levels of protein can also cause damage to the the liver and kidneys, also cause weight gain and attribute to plaque build up in the arteries.

In conclusion, protein is the main building block of our body and it is used to make and repair muscles, tendons, joints, organs, skin as well as enzymes.   The average amount of protein needed daily for men is 56 grams and for women 46 grams.  Athletes may need higher amounts.   Some of the best food sources for protein other than meat include beans, lentils, hemp seeds, chia seeds, quinoa, soy milk, oats, oatmeal, wild rice, nuts, nut butters, and also vegetables.  Fruits have a lower protein content than vegetables, however some fruits like bananas, blackberries, nectarines and mulberries contain a higher protein count than others.

If you would like a recommendation on a high quality plant based protein powder,  feel free to message me for more info.the whey protein in scoop


Gorgeous Granny Gardening!

I love gardening.  I love growing my own produce.  What I don’t love is digging, weeding and all the dirty stuff.  Traditional gardening can be complicated and time consuming.  This gorgeous granny loves a workout but I’m just not into all the digging and weeding.

gorgeous granny gardeningmy personal tower crop photo

Well, I found a way to garden that is so easy anyone can do it.  You don’t even need a green thumb.  Tower Garden by Juice Plus.  It’s an aeroponic vertical gardening system that requires minimal space and little maintenance.  You can garden outside or in your living room.   Discover a unique and fun way to garden with Tower Garden technology.   It’s the ultimate gardening experience.   You don’t have to remember to water the plants daily and when you are away on vacation, you don’t have to worry about who will water the garden.   As of matter of fact if you are away for a week you will be amazed at how much your garden has grown in a short amount of time.kid friendly guide

Tower Garden is also a great way to get the entire family involved in gardening by growing your own produce.  Statistics show that children who help grow a garden are more likely to eat the produce that they grow.  I absolutely love that I can support my healthy lifestyle by harvesting my own produce whenever  I need it.    With Tower Garden I always have healthy fast food at my fingertips.  My garden grows 3x faster than traditional gardening so I get more harvests and I can be assured my salad is the freshest quality, pesticide free and vine ripened for maximum nutrition. 

As a gorgeous granny, I drink a smoothie every day and I love to add dark leafy greens to my smoothies.  Dark leafy greens are nutritional powerhouses filled with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.  It’s recommended we get 6-18 servings of raw fruits and vegetables.  Drinking a smoothie daily and adding in some dark leafy greens is a great way to get those servings in.

Tower Garden technology was first introduced at Epcot.  Big commercial towers supply the produce for the restaurants at the Disney parks.  There are commercial use towers in airports and on city rooftops supplying produce for nearby restaurants.  

You can join the locavore movement too.  It’s easy.  It’s fun and it’s affordable.  If you spend $12 or more a week on produce,  you could be investing in your own Tower Garden.  Within one year your investment would be paid for and you can pretty much grow for free.  If your goal is to eat more fruits and vegetables and less fast food, you will find this will definitely help you reach your goal because you will have healthy fast food at your doorstep, on your patio or right in your living room.

It’s so sad that this next generation of children may be the first to have a shorter life expectancy that their parents.  Alarming statistics show 1 in 3 children are obese.  1 in 3 children will develop diabetes in their lifetime.   We have a responsibility to inspire kids to eat better.  When children eat better they perform better, in school, in sports and  in other areas.  So let’s start inspiring and let’s start growing.  For more information on Tower Garden, visit



This Gorgeous Granny Bikes

So I started biking about a year ago.  I had not ridden a bike since my teen years.  Getting back on my bike was so much fun.    I decided to participate in Bike DC this year.  I talked my oldest daughter into joining me for the ride.   I must confess I was a little nervous about biking 20 miles.  I really hadn’t rode more than 12 miles, but I was pretty sure I could do it.  The morning of the ride, we arrived early, found parking and then biked over to the start of the race.   There were lots of people headed in the same direction.  It was so cool to bike in DC without fear of traffic.

We made it to the start of the race.  There were huge crowds of people there.  I was surprised to see lots of  little kids participating, some riding on their own bikes, some on bike ride-alongs .  Bike DC was a great race because it is very family friendly.  I personally enjoyed a nice leisurely bike ride while engaged in conversation with my daughter.  The miles went by fairly quickly.  It was a great workout but I didn’t feel fatigued or exhausted at the end of the race.

I met up with some cycling friends and we took a great group photo.  It was a great experience.  I loved being able to bike past National Monuments, stop for photo ops and then continue on the journey.

bike dcThis bike ride was a lot of fun.  There were a few hills, but all in all they weren’t so bad and before I knew it, daughter and I were at the turnaround heading back and then nearing the finish line.

The weather was perfect. It was a great day for a bike ride.  Great weather always helps.  It was a little chilly in the morning but it warmed up.  Overall temperatures were perfect.  Not too hot and not too cold.  It really was a positive biking experience that I would definitely recommend and one I would do again.  They had a great finish festival as well with music and lots of food trucks.  A great experience and fun to be had by dc 3



This Gorgeous Granny is a Half Fanatic!

The Journey to Half Fanatic was long and hard.  So I ran my first half marathon a year ago.   I wasn’t fully prepared for that half, but I did complete it.  First, I didn’t research the course well.  I found out during the half, that there were quite a few more hills than expected.  Actually there were a lot more hills than I expected and the inclines were fairly steep.  I did a lot more walking than I anticipated too, but I kept it moving and got it done.  The last mile seemed like the longest, but I crossed that finish line and  I earned my first half marathon medal!diva pic

  I had arranged for late checkout at my hotel.   After the race,  I returned to the hotel to shower and change.  Then I  had to drive home from Virginia, approximately a four hour drive.  By the time I got home I could barely get out the car I was so stiff.  I managed to get out the car and make it up the steps to the house and I climbed the stairs and went straight to bed.  I used my TENS unit on my lower back and that seemed to help.  By the next day I was fine, thank goodness.

After that half I wasn’t mentally ready to do another one right away.  So I waited until the beginning of the next run season.  So my journey to half fanatic had to wait a little longer until I felt mentally and physically ready.

Okay.  So it’s 2017 and a new race season was beginning.  This time I was determined to find two halfs  that were a fairly flat course and scheduled within a week of each other.   So I decided on the April Fools Half Marathon in Atlantic City and the Wild Half In Wildwood.   These two courses were perfect.  They were within a week of each other and the course was fairly flat for both.  In order to qualify for half fanatic you have to run two half marathons within 10 days of each other or you can do three halfs within three months.  So I opted to do two within ten days.

I had a little difficulty preparing for these two halfs because where I live its cold and so it was very difficult to train outside during the winter months with the cold temperatures.  As soon as I was able,  I hit the pavement and started to train.   I also wanted to PR and beat my time from my first half.    Most half marathons allot 3-1/2 hours and I was technically over the time alloted by eight minutes.  I was not worried though because the two halfs that I picked for half fanatic status both had a four hour window just in case I needed more time.

Months before the race, I started my clean eating program.  I was eating an abundance of fruits and veggies and lean protein.  I also doubled up on Juice Plus, fruit and veggie capsules.  They really help with energy and also help reduce inflammation after workouts.

On race day, the weather was perfect.  There was no rain and it was perfect weather for running.  My daughter joined me on this half.  She also had joined me on the previous half marathon as well.  It’s nice to have company on a long run.  We started the race together and for the most part we stayed close together throughout the entire race.  Running a half is definitely more fun with friends. A lot of members from my run group were running the half as well so I was constantly seeing people I knew throughout  the run.  There were lots of people cheering and offering encouragement and this definitely helps your rapport and energy during your run.

The race went well and I was feeling good for most of the race.  I had energy and  was doing well up until about mile 12, which was the end of the run.  At Mile 12 both my calfs started to stiffen up a little and I was starting to feel fatigue but I knew the end was near.  I perservered.  I walked a little more.   One of my run buddies finished her race and doubled back to find me.  When I saw her,  it gave me renewed energy as she ran with me to the finish line.   I did it.  I completed my half and in record time.  I PR’d and beat my previous time by ten minutes.  I knew doubling up on my Juice Plus fruit and veggie caps was a good decision.  After the race I was fine.  I did not have to go home and go to bed like after my first half.  I did not have to take any pain meds before, during or after the race.  Yay!  I did it.  But I had one more race to do on my journey to become a half fanatic.

So during the next week, I continued my clean eating.  I continued my Juice Plus fruit and veggie capsules.   Once again race day was approaching.  I was a little nervous because this next half I was going it alone.  My daughter was not running with me and none of my race buddies were doing this half.   But I knew I could accomplish the task at hand.  So the morning of the race, I got up early and drove to Wildwood for my race.  I dedicated the race to my oldest brother who loved Wildwood but has passed away five years prior due to health complications.  I was a little emotional at the beginning of the race; however, I was determined to make it to that finish line.

It really wasn’t a bad race.  It fact it was a good run.  I did my Galloway method just like on my previous races.  I didn’t break my pace and I just kept going.  I did run a block off the course at the beginning of the race, but I got back on track quickly and then kept a steady pace.

Before I knew it, I was at the turnaround point.  I was doing good and still had lots of energy and was feeling great.  I had my music  and my favorite songs to energize me.  I also had Juice Plus fruit and veggie gummies and a Juice Plus energy bar.   You should always carry some sort of energy snack with you on long runs.

I was making good time.   I just kept moving.   The scenery was beautiful and the temperature was perfect.  I knew when I made it back to the boardwalk, I was in the home stretch.  I ate some more fruit and veggie gummies and I ran harder.   I was getting closer and closer to the finish line.

When I got close enough to actually see the finish line, a gentleman approached and introduced himself.  He said “This is your Finish!  I am going to run with you  and when you get to the finish line, put your hands up as you cross that finish line because you’re a Champion!”  I followed his instructions and within a few minutes  I had done it.  I was at the finish.   I had accomplished my goal.   I was a Champion!  What a great feeling!  When you run across that finish line after a long journey it’s really a great feeling of accomplishment and pride.  I did it.  I was a Champion and I had become a half fanatic!  I PR’d again shaving off another five minutes from my time of the week prior.  This Gorgeous Granny is not ready for a rocking chair yet!  This Glamma is a Half Fanatic and a Champion!

For more information on Juice Plus or Juice Plus Gummies, visit

Gorgeous Granny In Training!

This Gorgeous Granny is training to run a half marathon.   I did my first half marathon last year and well, all I can say is, I survived and I completed it.  In hind site, it really wasn’t so bad although the route did have a lot more hills than I anticipated.  Anyway I’ve decided to do it again.  This year I will be running two half marathons.  I must be crazy.   On a side note, I wonder why they call this Atlantic City marathon, the April Fools half marathon?

Anyway,  I’ve been preparing so I think I’m ready.  I’ve been eating clean, doing a 10 day shred, which is clean eating with strict guidelines for ten days to include no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no caffeine, more water intake and no eating after 6:00 p.m.  This helps to rid the body of toxins which helps to shed a few pounds and also boost energy.   I’ve also been doing all these challenges, including a 30 day squat challenge, a 30 day hooping challenge (hoop 30 mins a day) also an abs challenge, a yoga challenge and a 100 mile challenge.    It was definitely work keeping up with all those challenges, but so worth it.

After 30 days I am definitely feeling stronger.  My abs are peaking through and I am almost ready for summer.   Well I have a few more months before summer and beach getaways, but I’m only days away from this half marathon.

beast mode

So I’m in beast mode y’all and I am predicting a PR.  That’s race talk for a personal record, meaning you beat your last race time.  I am so confident I’m going to PR,  I can just taste it.

My last half marathon took me three hours and 38 minutes to complete.  However, that was a year ago and the race course included a lot of hills.  So I’m hoping after a full year of running, less hills,  better endurance and personal stamina I can beat my time from last year.  I am super confident I can achieve this.

So the ultimate goal here is to become a half fanatic, and that means running two half marathon races within ten days.  So I have a second half marathon race set up for the following weekend.  I’ll be running the Wildwood Half.  So wish me luck Y’all.  I’m going to need it.





As a wife, a mom, and new grandmom, I pride myself in making delicious meals for my family.  However, over the past few years, we have embarked on a journey of healthier eating.  So, I have explored new recipies and tried new dishes and even revisited some vegetables we thought we had ruled out as not our favorites.  We also retried some veggies that we were pretty certain we did not like.

One vegetable  my entire family  agreed they didn’t like was cauliflower.  That is, they didn’t like it until I made it in a different way.   The new recipe I tried was cauliflower rice. It was a big hit.  Everyone loved it.  My husband said to me, ” I don’t like cauliflower.”
I said “just try it.”   Well, he did and  he said “Wow, that’s pretty good.”  My daughters loved it too.

Cauliflower Fried Rice click here. Cauliflower rice

I also love cauliflower pizza. Here is the recipe.  cauliflower pizza.

Another recipe  which is a family favorite and one my family loves is zucchini crab cakes. When I first made them my family was a little disappointed because they were hoping for crab cakes.  After they tried them, they were pleasantly surprised.

For Zucchini Crab Cake Recipe click here  zuchhini crabcakes

Zucchini Noodles is another vegetable we love. All you need is a spiraller and you have a great substitute for pasta.   Once you spiral the zucchini you can saute it and cover with marinara sauce or you can add soy or teriyaki.  It’s also delicious with a peanut sauce.

Avocado is a new favorite.  It’s a healthy fat and  its loaded with potassium.  It’s  good all by itself, mixed w as quaccomole, mixed with tuna, eaten on crackers or chopped and mixed into a salad.
For Avocado health benefits click here.  Avocado Health Benefits

We also love avocado deviled eggs.  These are so good.  Avocado Deviled Eggs

One other favorite I will mention is mushroom pizza.  You can take a Portabello mushroom and top with all your favorite pizza toppings or add some healthy new toppings, like spinach, red pepper , broccoli or whatever your favorite vegetable is.
For mushroom pizza recipe click here. Portabello Mushroom Pizza Recipe

You will love how healthy eating makes you feel.  Recently, I went grocery shopping with my middle daughter and grandbaby.  She bought kale and spinach and broccolini.  Wow, that really makes a mom proud.  I am so glad we made the switch to healthier eating.  It’s never too late to start.  So try some new healthy food recipes.    You may be surprised.  You may actually love it.

Gorgeous Granny!

Discovering the Fountain of Youth!

beauty 1

More youthful skin!

Everyone wants to feel young again. People have talked about the fountain of youth since the beginning of time.  With youth comes energy and vitality and who doesn’t want that.   I have been feeling fabulous lately, lots of energy and just feeling more youthful. But I’ve also noticed that my skin looks more youthful and it’s  glowing.  In fact yesterday I was at the mall with my grandbaby and a lady approached me about doing a product survey. I had a little extra time so I agreed. Her first question was, “How old are you?” When I answered “53” she replied, “Oh, my I would have never guessed that. Is that your son?”   I said “No, my 9 month old grandson.”

I know my healthy lifestyle has been making me feel  younger and I have noticed that my skin was looking more youthful but I guess I never really noticed just how much more youthful and radiant my skin was until people actually noticed and made mention of it.

So that experience made me look back on some of my old photos and wow, I can really tell the difference. I want to share my secret with you. It’s something so simple actually, that anyone can do. I eat 36 fruits and veggies daily. It sounds easy enough, right but actually most people know that fruits and veggies are beneficial to their health and well being and help with skin and vitality but they don’t consume them in a wide variety and in abundance.   Would you like to know why? It’s time consuming and expensive to go out and buy 36 fruits and veggies and of course you want vine ripened fruits and veggies for maximum nutritional value. That makes it more difficult especially in this day and time when most people don’t have backyard gardens. If you live in a region where it’s cold in the winter, then gardening is not an option. Well I have a solution for that too.

What’s my secret? Well I will tell you. It’s Juice Plus.  I consume my fruits and veggies in capsule form. No juicing, no mess and its quick and easy.


Juice Plus is vine-ripened dehydrated fruits and veggies in capsule form. This product has had a wonderful effect on my skin and my overall appearance. It also boosts my immunity and gives me an abundance of energy while helping me cut sugar and fast food cravings, In fact, I actually crave healthy food now and have less desire for sugary snacks like candy, cake and ice cream. I have cut my fast food addiction entirely and I no longer drink soda but what’s even better, is that I actually have no desire for soda or sweets.  I broke free of my sugar addiction.   Watch what is Juice Plus?

Another secret to Juice Plus is they offer Tower Garden. You can grow vine-ripened pesticide free produce right at your doorstep with no weeding, no watering and in half the space, and your produce grows so much faster. It’s a perfect solution.  Watch Tower Garden Time Lapse Video

Well, pictures are worth a thousand words, so let me share some pictures with you.


If you want to be a Gorgeous Granny, I highly recommend eating more fruits and veggies and if you just can’t seem to get enough fresh raw produce daily, try Juice Plus, it’s the next best thing. Lots of doctors recommend this product too and if you check out the website, you will find lots of expert testimony recommending the Juice Plus product. While Juice Plus won’t cure any disease there is not one medical condition that Juice Plus will not help.  I also recommend you exercise daily, a walk, a jog, visiting the gym, even a hobby or activity that you love that gets you moving.  I walk.  I run.  I enjoy hula hooping.  Just stay active.  I wish you all better health, happiness, vitality and youthfulness.  For more info on Juice Plus, click here.



Today I am feeling the excitement of a new life about to make a grand entrance into the world. I am excited for tiny fingers and toes and the incredible joy of holding such a precious gift for the first time. Will today be the day this special gift arrives? The waiting is making me more anxious as each new day unfolds. I patiently await the new prince or princess to arrive.grandbaby on the way

I have been feeling excitement and nervousness off an on for weeks now. One day I was especially anxious and began experiencing heart palpitations. I’m not sure if that was excitement for a new grand baby or menopause. I think it may have been the latter. Anyway, I was panicked for a bit, but the feeling soon passed so I knew I was not having cardiac arrest. So it must be anticipation, anxiousness and my Glamma hormones.

There are so many things to look forward to: Walks in the park with the new baby, outings to the mall to buy baby clothes, but in the meantime, what’s a Gorgeous Grandma or Glamma to do?  Well, I have to get ready. And I don’t mean fixing up the nursery or packing a hospital bag.

But I do have to be prepared for photo ops with the new grandbaby. I am a Gorgeous Granny afterall. So I must be prepared with an appropriate fashionable outfit for meeting the new Grand Prince or Grand Princess. I can’t just throw on any old thing.

So what to do while I wait? I think I need a mani/pedi and a new outfit. It will help me relax, take my mind off the waiting and bonus, I’ll be photo ready when the new bundle of joy arrives.

Patiently awaiting my first Grand Prince or Grand Princess!

Love Glamma


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